Parsee Red Chicken Curry

Main ingredient
Mumbai, India
Preparation time
15 minutes
Cooking time
1 hour

Coriander seeds (1 tsp)
Seasame seeds (1 tsp)
Cuimin seed (½ tsp)
Cloves (6)
Cassia Bark or Cinnamon (2.5 cm)
Cardamons (6)
Peppercorns (12)

Grind to a powder.
Place in food processor.

Kashmiri chillies (10) or 2 tsp Cayenne pepper
Ginger (fresh 1.5 x 1 cm peeled and chopped)
Garlic (4 cloves)
Onions (1 small chopped)
Olive oil (2 tbp)

Add to food processor and blend to a smooth paste.
Add more oil if needed.

Olive oil (3 tbp)

Put in pan on medium heat.
Sauté the paste in the pan for about 5 minutes.

Chicken (800g skinless thigh meat in small pieces)

Add & continue sautéing for 10 minutes.

Tomatoes (200g skinless de-seeded chopped)
Salt (½ tsp)
Coconut Milk (100 ml thick)
Garam masala (½ tsp)
Apple vinegar (1 tsp)

Add and simmer for 45 minutes.


Serve with rice or bread.